Thursday, August 14, 2008

vacation "recipes"

the best thing about vacation recipes? not following any...

here are some of the things we had to eat on our vacation, none of which required a recipe:

spaghetti with grandpa's homemade sauce
green salad
bread and butter
ice cream
a big antipasto platter
breaded and fried chicken breasts
tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad
barbecued steak
zucchini stir-fried with olive oil and lemon juice
tuna melt sandwiches
peaches with brown sugar and wine
more ice cream
sloppy joes
lots and lots of wine
some more wine

okay, grandpa's homemade sauce does actually require a recipe:

Grandpa's 10-minute Spaghetti Sauce

Brown 1 lb of ground beef and 1 lb of ground pork in a skillet. Remove browned meat from skillet and set aside.

Saute 1 medium chopped onion and 3 sliced cloves of garlic in 1/4 olive oil. Add 2 chopped roma tomatoes and 1 can of diced tomatoes and saute until tomato juice reduces, about 10 minutes.

Add 1 jar of pasta sauce (Grandpa likes Emeril's or Paul Newman's), 2 bay leaves, and a shake of salt and pepper.

Return the meat to the skillet and let the sauce simmer for 10 minutes. It really tastes better the next day. Especially if you are going up to the mountains.

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