Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. Gabriel's

The first day of Kindergarten. My, oh my.

We have spent so much energy protecting this child for the past 5 1/2 years. Protecting him from the colds, from accidents, from loud noises, and violence on TV. I nursed him for as long as I could, because they told me that was the best for him. It didn't stop the nightmare from happening, though, and we spent so much energy protecting him from the side effects of his chemotherapy, protecting his skin from the radiation burns, protecting his compromised immune system from microbes.

" You don't have to hold my hand, Mom. I can walk by your side." And off he goes, without a glance backward, as happy as can be, with 600 other children in a new school.

He is the third generation of our family to attend this school. The principal and several of my teachers are still there and recognize me as I bring him in.

That makes it feel like home. It is both scary and sad to realize how little protection we can really offer to our most vulnerable ones.

All they want is their independence and our love.


Corey said...

...And he has had and will have yours... and that is what makes Rafa the beauty that he is. Love heals and allows you to walk forward without looking back!

Beautiful Post MK!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful big boy! I can't wait to see what he contributes to the world--remember his name; you will surely hear about him again!

Anonymous said...

I work with your sister and she shared your blog. What a day! Very inspiring.

MDM said...

Your sister talks about you with such love that I had to see Rafa all grown up! Beautiful!

Grandma Gaga said...

I have tears in my eyes as I look at the pictures and remember your first day at St. Gabriel. You didn't want to hold my hand either just like your little boy...he walks each day surrounded and protected with love and memories