Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am reposting the Cioppino recipe from the day that we filmed Andaluces por el Mundo en casa. I add a shallot to the original recipe and change the amount and type of fish. I don't add crab to cioppino. I think that fresh crab is best eaten with butter, not tomato sauce! (Plus it's not crab season again until November.)

Cioppino (adapted from the San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook)

1 white onion, chopped
1 large garlic clove, chopped
1 shallot, chopped
1 cup italian parsley, chopped
--saute the above in 1/2 cup good olive oil

2 large cans of diced tomatoes with puree
1 can of tomato sauce, 12 oz
2 bay leaves
1 t. oregano
salt and pepper to taste
--simmer for one hour

1 lb white fish cut into small pieces
1 lb sea scallops
1 lb shrimp
2 cups dry red wine
-simmer for 15 minutes longer

Serve in soup bowls with fresh sourdough bread and butter alongside.


Tash said...

yum. I have never eaten it but have seen it a lot. I thought it was italian, but spanish too I guess.
What did you film this for??

Familia said...

Cioppino is Italian! And very typical of San Francisco's North Beach district. I think there are a lot of similar fish stews in the Mediterranean: the sopa de peix of Catalunya, for example, and the bouillabaisse of Marseille. We will be in an episode of Andaluces por el mundo in the fall, when they feature San Francisco. I'll post a link here when we get a date.