Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jubilate Deo

Title: Jubilate Deo

Number of voices: 4vv Voicing: SATB
Genre: Sacred, Motet

Language: Latin
Instruments: a cappella

Description: Music for the first Sunday after Epiphany, Offertory


Tash said...

beautiful voices. My kids ran to the computer to listen. Were you one of the singers.

Familia said...

No, I'm not one of the singers. I wish. This is a song my grandmother and her sister and her cousin used to sing.

Tash said...

I am fluent in Spanish because I lived in Argentina for awhile and I met many people that were of Spanish descent well I know all of latin America is but I mean who remembered Spain and ate paella and fish and my son's kindergarten teacher was from Barcelona and he taught them to speak with the the theta not on purpose but because he spoke that way...then my son changed schools cuz we moved. blah blah anyway. Were you born there our here? Just curious

Familia said...

i'm a san francisco girl through-and-through. hubby is the one who was born in seville. we met while i was working there, though, and got married there and then moved back here. we are working on teaching the kids spanish, but it is hard to keep it up. do you speak spanish with your kids?