Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lake County

My mother's family had a tradition of going to Lake County in Northern California every year during the month of August to escape the fog in San Francisco. My mother's uncle-by-marriage, Blackie Puglesa, was the Sheriff of Lake County for many years. Maybe that is why they liked to vacation there--they knew the sheriff wouldn't bother them!

They would go to Nice, or Lucerne, or Lakeport. The city names in Lake County are taken from fancy lake-shore and sea-shore cities in Europe.

They would drive up to Lake County in three cars, Bert, Bob, and Dud were the drivers.

They had their designated watering holes on the way up.

The mothers had to make sandwiches on the cutting board in the front seat of the car. Oh wait, no, that was the Joyce family.

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