Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calle Mármoles

Imagine waking up every morning and looking out your window onto a columned patio that has been standing since Roman times.

One of my favorite places in Seville is called Calle Mármoles. It is a beautiful place that appears suddenly as you turn from a narrow street round a corner.

The columns originally formed the portico of a Roman temple. If you look down to the pedestals of the columns, you can see that the street level of the old Roman city is actually about 10 yards below the present day sidewalk.

What would you think about each morning as you sipped your milky coffee and looked out at marble columns that are 2000 years old? Would you ponder who designed them? Would you wonder who toiled to put them in place? Would you think about the god whose temple door they framed?

Three of the columns have remained standing since the 1st century BC. There were six columns in the 18th century, but three of them were moved to the new park at the Alameda de Hercules in 1759. One broke during the move, and two remain at the entrance to the Alameda to this day.

Te gusta ésta postal? Me acuerdo muy bien de
las mañanas de domingo en la Alameda. Llaves, copas, besos...
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i would love to travel with you! you would be able to answer all my questions!