Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on the Dinner-time Blues

I have decided to organize my recipes into categories before actually calendaring meals for a week or a month. I want to do this because:
  1. Sometimes I don't want to eat what I said I would make;
  2. sometimes other people don't want to eat what I said I would make;
  3. sometimes there isn't enough time to make what I said I would make;
  4. sometimes I forgot just ONE IMPORTANT INGREDIENT at the store, but that wrecks everything;
  5. and sometimes the Crockpot doesn't cooperate.

So my recipes all fall into the following categories, with some overlap:

  • Make-ahead Dinners
  • Vegetarian Dinners
  • Crockpot Dinners
  • Protein-filled Dinners
  • 30-minute Dinners
  • 5-minute It's an Emergency Dinners
  • Low Points (as in Weight Watchers) Dinners

What I plan to do is pick a dinner from each category, with the possibility of substituting another dinner from the same category if something or someone requires flexibility.

Next up on the list....organizing all of the categories and posting their recipes!
Stay tuned....and here's a little song....

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Núria said...

Hola Family!!! And Happy New Year to you t♥♥!!!

Sorry I didn't come earlier... Hopefully I'm back in the routine track again ;D

Love how you classified your recipes... it's fun... and useful :D.