Thursday, January 22, 2009

First-ever Toddler's Foodie Event

Luisito and I are hosting a toddler's foodie event. He is the mastermind behind it -- I just type in what he tells me.

This foodie event is a real challenge to all of you wonderful foodie Moms and Dads out there who love to create nutritious and delicious meals for your families.

The rules:

1. You can only use the ingredients chosen by the mastermind.
2. You must be able to produce the meal in under 29 seconds.
3. It must be beautifully presented -- choose the wrong plate, and you're outta here!
4. No tricks allowed. Nothing a la Jessica Seinfeld. The mastermind knows if you have added a secret puree. Don't ask me how. He knows. Everytime.
5. Leftovers are not allowed. The mastermind will not stand for reheated food.

The mastermind himself. Doesn't he look handsome and well-nourished?

Here he is again eating tiramisu on his baptism day.

Now for the ingredients. This is what you get to work with. No back-talk now. The decision has been made.

Ingredient 1: Trader Joe's yogurt

Ingredient 2: Salami, preferably Columbus and not Gallo, although fresh-sliced will also work. No prosciutto, coppa, or jamon serrano, please.

Ingredient 3: Bananas

Please submit your ideas in the comments section. The winner gets to come over and have a big glass of wine with me and watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos!


Serena said...

I'm taking you up on the challenge. I will have 2 toddlers and 2 preschoolers here (my kids included) on Tuesday so we'll see what they come up with!

Tash said...

your comment was funny. Toddler food is fun!
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and her blog is really cool

you should check it out.