Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pancakes on a Thursday

This morning Rafa and I both woke up early. He come in to talk to me, about dreams mostly. Then he asked for pancakes.

It was a work morning, a middle-of-the-week morning, and there were things to do. But we made pancakes anyway, just because we could.

Here are some of our favorite pancake variations:

Oatmeal pancakes
Replace half of the pancake mix with quick-cooking oats, and make as usual.

Lemon pancakes
Squeeze the juice from a lemon from the tree in the backyard into the mix. This only works if you use pancake mix and water, not pancake mix and milk!

Cinnamon-raisin pancakes
Pa invented this one day when there was no more raisin bread. Stir in a half a cup of raisins and a couple of shakes of cinnamon into the mix.

Mixed berry pancakes
Fold some berries (fresh or frozen) into the batter, after you've done the rest of the mixing, or they will fall apart. The berries, that is. And the pancakes will turn out purple.

I guess, since we had pancakes for breakfast today, we really shouldn't have pancakes for dinner too, should we?


Mama Goose said...

We have Purple Pancakes a lot in our house. The boys don't get "gentle" very well...

I love the idea of lemons pancakes, but we don't have a tree in our backyard! ; ) Lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

The other way is to leave the barries out of the batter, pour the batter onto the grittle AND THEN add the barrries to the wet batter. Get it? I think this way works better!!