Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learning How to Play Hide-and-Seek

Rafa is teaching Louis how to play hide-and-seek. It's a good thing that Rafa has more patience than I do, because Louis only wants to do what Rafa does, not what Rafa says.

Case in point:
Rafa wants to play hide and seek, so he explains to Louis that he, Rafa, is going to stand in the kitchen doorway and count to 10, and Louis is supposed to go hide somewhere and wait for Rafa to find him. So Louis nods and says, awethome! and Rafa commences the counting. Louis looks up at Rafa, goes over to the other side of the kitchen door, and starts counting too. One, touw, free, fow, fiy.

No, Louis, Rafa says. Go somewhere. Don't stand here with me. Go hide. Then I'll come find you. So Louis goes over to the other doorway, still in the kitchen mind you, but a little further away, and starts to count again. One, touw...

Okay, Louis. I'll hide, then, if you want to count. You stay here and start to count. One, says Rafa. Touw, says Louis. Rafa runs down the hall to hide. Louis runs down the hall after him, Coco in tow in his left hand.

No, Louis! You said you wanted to be the counter. Stay there! I'm hiding. Louis! Stay there. Papa, will you tell Louis to stay and count?

And Louis just giggles....


Serena said...

That sounds like Nik and Luka at our house with the little one (Luka) giggling his head off.

Little boys--how lucky we mamas are to have them!

Familia said...

yes, aren't we lucky!