Thursday, October 23, 2008


When you're almost two years old, you're full of good ideas. Each and every morning you wake up full of wonderful ideas for things to do that day.

Here are some of the good ideas we've been "working with" recently:

1. finding a new storage place for ALL of the remote controls for the house--in a plastic toy microwave--and then standing on top of it.

2. wrenching the nightlight out of its socket in the morning and putting it in the drawer of your playtrain.

3. putting all the doorstops in the drawer of your playtrain along with the nightlight.

4. taking your mother's books from her nightstand and putting them on your own bookshelf. (makes you look like you're a really advanced reader.)

5. brushing your teeth with ALL of the toothbrushes in the bathroom. (if brushing your teeth with your own toothbrush is a good idea, imagine how clean your teeth will be if you use all of the toothbrushes on the little rack. one at a time.)

All I have to say is....good thing none of us has a contagious disease right now.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I might have contributed to the toothbrush factor. I thought it would be a really good idea to buy my nephews toothbrushed shaped like Crayola Markers. Apparently, it was! Love, your sis (again)

maybelle's mom said...

sounds like something similar in our house (mine is just under two.) we have hiding snacks in the trunk of your car, etc.