Monday, March 3, 2008

Princes Rafa and Louis at King Pedro's Castle

King Pedro had this castle built in Carmona about 700 years ago, and we went to visit it.

There was a beautiful patio with a fountain where we relaxed in the shade. It was Andalusian summer outside!

Later we went to the swimming pool -- there was a large one for a king and a smaller one that was perfect for little princes who love to splash in the water.

The cobblestone approach to the castle was perfect for pretending to be a prince, although a little bumpy for the smallest prince in the stroller. The views of surrounding countryside were calming in the early evening when the breeze finally came up.

There were flowers everywhere to be picked and placed in Mama's hair.

We stayed in a suite with a special room for a prince and a little crib for a littler prince. There were doves roosting in the eaves outside our window and we feel asleep to the sound of their cooing.

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