Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday in San Francisco, we go to church early to take part in the procession of palms, and we listen to the story of the entrance into Jerusalem.

Then we go have pancakes for breakfast, even though we might just have had pancakes for dinner on Friday night.

I remember my first Palm Sunday in Seville. I dressed up in my best green suit, and my boyfriend picked me up for lunch that lasted a couple of hours. And then we started out. First he took me to see the Virgen of Amargura leaving her church to begin the journey to the cathedral.

The first group to complete their procession on Palm Sunday is the Borriquita, a procession of children leading an image of Christ entering into Jerusalem. This is one of the shortest processions, just a few blocks, because all of the participants are truly children. Parents accompany them alongside, and all of the mothers have sandwiches and juice boxes in their purses, for the right moment when a snack is necessary.

One of my favorites is the Virgen of the Estrella, in Triana. This is one of the largest groups and one of the longest processions. The Virgin leaves her church around 5 in the evening and returns across the Triana bridge in the wee hours of the morning.

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