Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mister Four

Mister Four had his birthday yesterday.  It was a big day, with #4 cupcakes at lunch time, and cake and presents and friends in the evening.  Mister Four got a special shirt to wear: orange, with a big green 4 on it.

About an hour after going to bed, Mister Four got up and came in to talk to me one more time.

"Mommy, I like birthday.  I want to have birthday 5, and birthday 6, and birthday 7," he said, rubbing his eyes and dragging his fuzzy Elmo doll on the floor.

"Of course, baby," I said, and took him back to bed, where he was asleep before his head touched the pillow.

Big boy.

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MamaGoose said...

Sweet. Happy Birthday Big Boy!!