Sunday, February 24, 2008

What do you drink at 5:00 pm?

What do you like to drink at 5:00 pm?

I know two different camps of people, those who like to drink coffee at this time of day, and those who like to have a cocktail.

The Spanish folk that I know like to have their coffee with milk and their afternoon snack at this time. It keeps them going until dinner is ready at 9:00. It is time for something sweet, or something caffeinated: something to tide you over until tapa time. This is the time of day that children come home from school and have their afternoon snack, maybe milk and cookies, or maybe hot chocolate and nutella on toast.

The other group takes their cocktails starting at 5:00. This group is predominately of Irish heritage, but have been Americans for several generations now. They like to have bourbon and water, or scotch and soda. The younger of this group likes their vodka martinis and their cosmopolitans. Others just prefer to have a couple of beers. The idea here is to relax and make time until dinner is ready at 6:00!

Me, well, sometimes I join one camp, and sometimes I join the other!

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