Monday, November 24, 2008

The box has arrived!


It is almost Christmas. How do I know? Because the mailman just brought us the box from Spain! Every year, our abuelos, Rafael and Concha, (abuelos are grandparents in Spanish) send us a big box of Christmas goodies from Spain. There is always an assortment of turrón, mantecados, and figuritas de mazapán, which Rafa likes best. This year there is also a box of cortadillos de cidra for Papá.

The tradition still exists in Seville of handmade sweets, and there are cloistered convents in the city that sell these handmade sweets as part of their livelihood. The nuns live in seclusion and prayer, and part of each day is spent in handiwork, such as sewing and embroidery, or book-binding, or making sweets or jams. These products are then sold to the neighbors, who come to the convent door to place orders through a screen. The attendant places a box of sweets at the door and the neighbor leaves the money there and carries off the box of goodies.

This year our big box of goodies also held clothes for the boys, and new slippers, and some presents, which we haven't opened yet!