Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please Help Choose the Menu.....

Okay, so I need a little advice on menu-planning for the weekend. Which sounds like the better option to you on a fall evening when I get home from work and have 30 minutes to pull together dinner for 8 people?

Menu #1
Caesar Salad
Seafood Cioppinno
Garlic Bread
It's It bars
wine: Zinfandel
cocktail: cosmopolitans

Menu #2
Endive and Roquefort Salad
Coq au Vin
Apple tart
wine: Cabernet Sauvignon
cocktail: champagne

Menu #3
Garlic Soup
Seared Tuna sandwiches on Rosemary Bread
Green Beans
wine: Pinot Noir
cocktail: caipirinhas


Mama Goose said...

Oh.My. YUM! This is hard as they all sound heavenly. I think I'd choose #1 though. I've never made a Ciopinno, but it sounds like it would be pretty easy to throw together. I don't know what "It's It Bars" are, but I'm intrigued.

Then again, #3 sounds perfect too. Mainly because I love tuna and I'm up for a Caipirinha ANYtime. (note to self: stop for cachaca in the way home)

What time should we be there? ; )
Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for #1. San Francisco all the way!! And It's It bars are the best. For anyone who doesn't have them where they live, you've got to demand that your local grocery store carry them. You aren't really living until you eat and It's It bar!!!

Anonymous said...

Menu #2 looks great for chilly weather. The weather sure has turned lately. You are the best!