Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coco is back!

With some interesting and artful adventures under his belt, Coco is home with his boy.

Come in and tell us about it, Coco.

"Everyone was very nice to me," Coco said.

"When they found me on the floor in the crayon department they said, 'Look at this guy -- he has lost most of his fur! His must be very well-loved and sorely missed. We'd better take care of him for a few days.'"

"They were nice to me, but I missed having someone kiss my nose."

What a happy reunion!


Serena said...

Luisito and Coco--mama, you must be proud. What a cute combo!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!! We were very worried about Coco. Must raise a glass to Coco's safe return on Friday night!
- M

Mama Goose said...


Familia said...

And aren't boys cute in their PJs?