Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Helen was a lovely and loving soul. She always had a Christmas present for every single child at the party. She loved her garden, and had beautiful baby roses and geraniums. In her living room was a big, soft purple sofa that complimented the red carpet.

Every New Year's Eve she held a grand party. All of the guests had to wear hats from the box of hats that had been collected over the years.

She marked all of our birthdays and anniversaries and baby showers and first communions with either a book cake or a lamb cake, decorated with colored icing and flowers and candies.

She was tall and thin and proud of her fine legs. She had a file of old DMV written exams that anyone could look at if they needed to study for a driver's test.

She took care of all of us.

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Mama Goose said...

Helen sounds like a wonderful woman who was certainly and truly loved. You were certainly blessed for having known her and she you.