Sunday, May 4, 2008


Trecento Florence was a glorious place, a place where art and architecture and craft reached a magnificence, the scale of which would be hard to replicate. Is there another city where so many of the major monuments were developed in such a short span of time, and where such a high percentage of them are counted as world heritage ?

Some of the major medieval monuments are: the Duomo, the Campanile, and the Baptistery, the Bargello, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo, Orsanmichele, Palazzo Vecchio. Some of the major sculptors, painters, and architects are: Giotto, Daddi, Orcagna, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi, Bonaiuti, Pisano, di Cione, Michelangelo, Botticelli.

The wonderful thing is that so many of these artists worked together. The artistic climate must have been exciting, stimulating, inspirational. Daddi was an apprentice in Giotto's workshop. Orcagna and Daddi collaborated at Orsanmichele. Orcagna and di Cione were brothers. Daddi and di Cione both worked at the Bigallo. Brunelleschi and Michelangelo both work on San Lorenzo. Ghiberti and Brunelleschi competed for the Baptistery doors project and the dome project.

Florence was indeed one big artists' workshop at this time, culminating in the Duomo project -- everyone made a contribution at some point or other:
Giotto -- capomaestro (campanile)
Daddi -- painting
Ghiberti -- capomaestro
Pisano -- capomaestro
Brunelleschi -- capomaestro (dome)
Michelangelo -- scuplture
Orcagna -- 1357-66 committee member
Bonaiuti -- 1357-66 committee member
Nardo di Cione -- painting
Jacopo di Cione -- cathedral project
Benci di Cione -- master mason
Neri di Fioravanti -- 1357-66 committee member

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